Edinburgh Castle Dog Cemetery

There is a small pet cemetery within the walls of the castle, one of only two in Scotland for the faithful companions of the castle’s commanding officers. The small garden out of reach of visitors can only be seen from above, and has been used since Queen Victoria’s reign as a burial place for Regimental mascots and officer’s dogs.

There are approximately two dozen stones visible. Many of the stones are so weathered that the inscriptions are no longer legible.
Edinburgh_Edinburgh Castle_pet

DON pet dog of Sergeant’s 1st battery
MAJOR a police dog
FLORA band pet

Edinburgh_Edinburgh Castle_pet Winkle

1881 JESS Band pet of the Black Watch 42nd Royal Highlanders
1889 YUM YUM
1892 TIM is buried in Guernsey. He travelled with Seaforth Highlanders
1893 DOBBLER travelled with the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders to such exotic locations as China, Sri Lanka and South Africa.
1911 GYP a Crown ROOM dog.
1935 TINKER General William.
1947 SCAMP A faithful chum of Jack Wilson Paterson.
1980 WINKLE Dear and faithful friend of Lady Gow and the Governor.

Edinburgh_Edinburgh Castle_pet Scamp

Edinburgh Dog Cemetery
Dumb creatures we have cherished here below
Shall give us joyous greeting
When we pass the Golden Gate
Is it folly that I hope it may be so.

A verse written by Robert Burns:
Berkin dugs here lie at rest
The yappin worst, obedient best
Sodgers pets and mascots tae
Still the guard the castle to this day.


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