Patriarchal and Lorraine Crosses

The Patriarchal cross and the Cross of Lorraine are so similar that the names have become interchangeable.
This unique cross has one vertical post and two horizontal arms. The top arm is shorter than the lower arm.

Juno Beach memorial, France
Juno Beach memorial, France
Free French Memorial, Lyle Hill, Inverclyde, Scotland
Free French Memorial, Lyle Hill, Inverclyde, Scotland

As a naval memorial this cross is combined with an anchor. The inscription on the anchor states:
This Monument Is Dedicated To The Memory Of
The Sailors Of The Free French Naval Forces
Who Sailed From Greenock In The Years 1940-1945
And Gave Their Lives In The Battle Of The Atlantic
For The Liberation Of France
And The Success Of The Allied Cause.

Very popular in France this cross has two crossbars, which technically should be placed one above and one below the midpoint.

Variations of this cross show the crossbars the same length or with the lower crossbar being longer.
A massive cross of Lorraine stands at Colombey-les-Deux-Eglises in France as a memorial to General Charles de Gaulle.

Charles de Gaulle memorial
Charles de Gaulle memorial

The Cross of Lorraine was the symbol of the French Resistance group, F.F.I. as seen in the photo below. The grave is located at  the Natzweiler_Struthof Concentration Camp.


A Russian version of this cross contains a short, slanted crosspiece near the foot of the vertical post.

ccl sarang


The Papal Cross resembles the Patriarchal Cross, but with a third horizontal bar. This cross is used only in processions that involve the Roman Catholic Pope.
papal cross

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