Talented Family


Peter Devine was born in Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland on 15 November 1820 and died on 1st February 1875. He is buried in Dalry Cemetery, Edinburgh, Scotland. The memorial stone on his grave also commemorates his son who died 9 years prior, and his wife who died 23 years later. The symbol of the sun shining brightly over the inscription serves as a metaphor for an everlasting life.

In 1854, Peter Devine was described in the trade directories as a miniature painter. In 1861, he operated a photographic studio at 101b Princes Street, Edinburgh until his death in 1875. The trade directories continued to record him as a miniature painter and photographer between the years of 1861-1877, two years after his death.

Peter’s three daughters studied drawing and painting and exhibited landscape and portrait studies with the Royal Scottish Academy.

Mary who was born in June 1852 emigrated to New Zealand and then Australia where she regularly exhibited her artwork in the Art Society of New South Wales. Mary’s daughter, Florence Enid, also became an artist specializing in miniatures which were hung in the Royal Academy of Arts.

peter devine_alan wilson
Photographer, Alan Wilson, Source: http://www.edinphoto.org.uk/0_a/0_around_edinburgh_-_graveyards_-_devine_peter.htm


Weep not our parents, brothers, or sisters dear
For we are not dead, but do sleep here.
Our debt is paid, our graves you see
Therefore prepare to follow us.

Garland and Wreaths

The visually similar garland and wreath are created with flowers or leaves. Originally a symbol of victory, in Christianity it symbolizes victory over death in eternity.

Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord. 

Yet again we hope to meet thee
When the day of life is fled
Then in heaven with joy to greet thee
Where no farewell tear is shed.


The evergreen leaves of the ivy represent immortality.


The grape wreath symbolizes the blood of Christ. Arrows pointing to Heaven also represent martyrdom and mortality.

Grape Wreath Arrows


wreath Campbellville 1894

Sleep on sweet babes, and take your rest
He called you home, He thought it best.

The obelisk represents the connection between earth and Heaven; and in conjunction with a wreath it is a symbol of eternal life.

Wreath Obelisk A wreath combined with a cross is a symbol of rebirth.

wreath_CROSS RIP

A hand reaching down represents the hand of God reaching from Heaven to take the soul. It reminds us of our mortality.


The memorial stone below was erected by the Independent Order of Forresters, a fraternity offering aid and care to the sick.

wreath_oakville 1921

The image below shows a shield within the wreath. Unfortunately it is too deteriorated to see any detail but most likely a family crest.

wreath_Puslinch_Crown 1860

A laurel wreath is an incomplete circle.

I leave the world without a tear
Save for the friends I hold so dear.
To hear their sorrows Lord descend
And to the friendless prove a friend   

laurel wreath Oakville 1842

A laurel wreath displayed with sun rays represents everlasting life.

Laurel wreath

Two wreaths flank a Greek cross with four arms equal in length. It is the traditional symbol of Christian faith. In pre-Christian times it represented the four elements of earth, air, fire and water.

wreath_Cross Wreaths





Life is like a blooming flower, never meant to be permanent.

Flowers are one of the most commonly used symbols in cemeteries, and during the 17th century it was so popular that almost every flower had a symbolic meaning. One of the most popular cemetery flowers is the Lily. It symbolizes immortality, the restoration of innocence and purity after death.


The first Lily appeared when Eve shed a tear after being banished from the Garden of Eden. As a Christian symbol it is also associated with the Virgin Mary and often found on the graves of women.


There are many variations of the plant genus Lily. The flower known as the Easter Lily has become symbolic of Christ’s resurrection although there is no historical connection. It is also known as the Madonna Lily representing the Annunciation.

The opening blossom lovely was to view,
And to his parents promised comfort true.
Submissively their loss they do deplore,
And humbly bow unto Almighty power.

A Calla Lily symbolizes marriage.
Love transcends time until we meet again.

Have I told you today that I love you.

The Lily Of The Valley was used to honor Christ and symbolize that He is “the Rose of Sharon, and the Lily of the Valleys.” (Song of Solomon 2:1). It symbolizes Humility; Innocence; Purity; Rebirth; and the Return of happiness.

In France the Fleur De Lys, considered a stylized Lily, was a royal emblem. The three lobes represent the trinity and perfection.

The rare symbol of a Lily with a sword represents guilt and innocence. Christ, as the judge of the world, appeared with a sword and a Lily in his mouth.