Talented Family


Peter Devine was born in Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland on 15 November 1820 and died on 1st February 1875. He is buried in Dalry Cemetery, Edinburgh, Scotland. The memorial stone on his grave also commemorates his son who died 9 years prior, and his wife who died 23 years later. The symbol of the sun shining brightly over the inscription serves as a metaphor for an everlasting life.

In 1854, Peter Devine was described in the trade directories as a miniature painter. In 1861, he operated a photographic studio at 101b Princes Street, Edinburgh until his death in 1875. The trade directories continued to record him as a miniature painter and photographer between the years of 1861-1877, two years after his death.

Peter’s three daughters studied drawing and painting and exhibited landscape and portrait studies with the Royal Scottish Academy.

Mary who was born in June 1852 emigrated to New Zealand and then Australia where she regularly exhibited her artwork in the Art Society of New South Wales. Mary’s daughter, Florence Enid, also became an artist specializing in miniatures which were hung in the Royal Academy of Arts.

peter devine_alan wilson
Photographer, Alan Wilson, Source: http://www.edinphoto.org.uk/0_a/0_around_edinburgh_-_graveyards_-_devine_peter.htm


Weep not our parents, brothers, or sisters dear
For we are not dead, but do sleep here.
Our debt is paid, our graves you see
Therefore prepare to follow us.

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