Floral Tributes

There are always bouquet of flowers in a cemetery. Even in the dead of winter with snow on the ground, flowers are visible etched into gravestones.

The Carnation (botanical name Dianthus is a derivation of two Latin words meaning flower of the Gods) is a traditional funeral flower in France and symbolizes love and death.


The Daffodil symbolizes deep regard; the death of youth; and grace

The Daisy is usually found on the graves of young children. It represents gentleness; innocence; and purity of thought


The Passion Flower symbolizes Christ’s passion represented in the lacy crown and the crown of thorns; the five stamens are the five wounds; and the 10 petals represent the 10 faithful Apostles

The Poppy symbolizes eternal sleep, death; peace; and rest


The Sunflower is devotion to God.


Tulips represent charity


A flower with a broken or severed stem indicates that the deceased died an untimely or premature death and is usually seen on a younger person’s gravestone.



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