Eilidh Marsali Macfarlane-Barrow, as the eldest of six children of Reverend James Humphrey Copner Macfarlane-Barrow and Alice Maie Campbell-Orde, is listed in a genealogical survey of the peerage of Britain. Born on 31 July 1919, she died unmarried on 24 August 1968 at age 49.

Her stone marker is situated in a small graveyard in the grounds of St. Joseph’s Hospital, Rosewell, Midlothian, Scotland.

Pray for the soul
Marsali Eilidh
Born 31-7-1919 at Lochgilphead
Died 22-9-1968 at Rosewell
Our loving sister whose life on earth
Was one of innocence and simplicity
So kindly cared for by the devoted
Sisters at St. Joseph’s Rosewell
May the power and majesty of the Lord
Enliven her soul for all eternity in
The kingdom of Heaven.
Cloir do dhia anns ma h-ardaibh         
Erected by her brothers – 1998

Rosewell_St. Josephs (2)*Translation of the Gaelic phrase is Worship your god in Heaven

St Joseph’s Hospital was a custodial institution established in 1924 by the Daughters of Charity (Roman Catholic nuns). The institution catered to children and adults with learning disabilities until it was closed in 1999. The nuns who operated under the banner of St. Vincent de Paul Society are currently being investigated for the abuse of patients in their care.

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