Izar Newsstand

Okay, hands up how many of you thought this post was about a newspaper stand? Not so. In architectural terms a newsstand is a small structure that protects an item placed there, or in this case, the framing of a niche created in a wall.

This memorial located in the Cimitero Monumentale, Milan, Italy, overlooks the main avenue of the Cemetery and is known as the Edicola Izar. It was commissioned by Emilia Macchi to honour her deceased husband Federico and her sons Marco and Giovanni Battista who died at ages twenty-one and twenty-two. The bronze composition known as Faith was constructed in 1904 by sculptor Felice Bialetti. When Emilia passed in 1924 she was also placed in the newsstand.

Source: http://www.kunstdame.com/cimitero-monumentale/

The scene shows two emaciated bodies wrapped in shrouds, embracing in death, as they reach out to hold the hand of their mother Emilia. Portraits of Federico, Marco and Giovanni are set into a low arch.

Source: http://www.freedomsphoenix.com/News/032472-2008-04-18-headstones-strange-creepy-and-haunting-homages-to-the-dead.htm

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