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Jewish Symbols

The six-pointed star known as the Star of David was not adopted internationally until the late 19th century and has no actual symbolism.

Two Hebrew letters representing Po Nikbar translated as Here Is Buried may be found in the center of the star.

po nikbar

The following Hebrew letters are found inscribed on headstones to represent the phrase: May His/Her Soul Be Bound Up With The Bond Of Life.

bond of life

A Menorah represents divine wisdom. The nine branch version is commonly recognized in association with Channukah and the miracle of a one day supply of lamp oil lasting nine days. The seven branch Menorah is more commonly found on gravestones and represents the seven days God created the world (Exodus:25).

The image of hands touching at thumbs with forefingers joined represents members of the priestly tribe of Aaron. It symbolizes a benediction or blessing by a Cohayn priest.

The last image depicts a Tzedakah box. In Judaism, Tzedakah refers to the religious obligation to do what is right and just, considered to be one of the three main acts that can annul a less than favorable heavenly decree.

Jewish cemetery in Otwock (Karczew-Anielin)