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Wild West

Abel Sherman was killed and scalped by Indians near Dead Man’s Run while collecting ripe apples. Although he was buried where he died, his remains were later moved to the Pioneer cemetery known as Round Bottom Cemetery.


His original headstone which is on display in the Campus Martius Museum displays a soul effigy with the legend; Here lyes the body of Abel Sherman who fell by the hand of the savage on the 15th of August 1794, and in the 50th year of his age.


Boothill Graveyard in Arizona contains the final resting place of three men killed at the O.K. Corral gunfight, the most famous gunfight in old west history although it only lasted 30 seconds. A group of outlaws faced a number of lawmen at a distance of approximately 6 feet.

OK Corral

Boothill also contains the gravestone of John Heath, tried and sentenced to life in prison for his part in organizing the robbery and subsequent murder of four people in a general store in Bisbee, Arizona. Unsatisfied with the lenient sentence, a lynch mob forcibly removed him from jail and hanged him. His five accomplices awaiting execution were duly hanged.



Rounding out this post with a little humour on the tombstone of Lester Moore who was a Wells Fargo Agent in Naco, Arizona. He was killed when a customer became irate over the condition of a package he had come to collect. Before he died, Moore managed to kill Hank Dunstan with a single bullet.

lester moore