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Died Whilst On Duty

Serving with the police in 19th century England was not a good career choice if you were named James Kemp…

In 1868, James Kemp, an off duty Detective Sergeant with Northampton Borough Police, was called to deal with an armed man. He died on 29 December 1868, aged 31, as the result of a shotgun wound. He is memorialized as a British Officer who lost his life in the line of duty. A grave marker was erected in his memory in Billing Road Cemetery, Northampton, England, by the Municipal Council.

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On 25 May 1897, aged 31, Detective Constable William James Kemp died from an internal hemorrhage aggravated by chasing a prisoner. He is buried in Wandsworth Cemetery, London, England.

He shares a grave with his mother and father and his oldest brother who is memorialized on the stone having been interred in U.S.A. His mother was the first in the family to die and did not have to endure the loss of her sons. However, his father survived his wife and both of his sons.

I Will Be With Thee.

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