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St. Kessog Churchyard

The town of Luss is situated on Loch Lomond in Scotland. There is evidence that a Church has been here since the year 510 AD; however, the current building was constructed in 1875.

The graveyard is located close to the edge of the loch, and is full of interesting and very old moss covered gravestones including 15 listed ancient monuments.

In some instances the sculptor was mindful of space and used what nowadays we would refer to as ‘justified text’.

Luss (11)
Here lies the corpse of John Gay carpenter in Luss who died Feb 21 1761 aged 64 and also Cathrine Balfour his spouse who died Nov 16 1741 aged 38. This burial place appointed for Robert Gay son to John Gay and Agnes Macfarlan his spouse and his heirs.

The legends on the headstones are engraved using Olde English words and images of Memento Mori are visible on many of the stones.

Luss (13)
Eternity is represented by the circle and the crossbones symbolize death. The Greek style columns with a flat top denote a life cut short.

The following transcriptions are related to the image below showing a cross in the forefront and a gravestone in the background.

Luss (9)

His wife Caroline Anna Wyllie died 18th Jan 1914 Sacred to the loved memory of Andrew Wyllie for 12 years factor, on the luss estates died 1st February 1880 aged 46. No more death, neither sorrow. Rev 21,4

Sacred to the loved memory of Andrew Wyllie, for 12 years Factor of the Luss Estates. Died 1st February 1880, aged 46. “No more death, neither sorrow.” Rev 21:4

Luss (5)

Interred here the remains of John Macauslan late tenant in Wester Bannachra who died 3 January 1795 aged 69 years. Also John Macausland late farmer illegible Roseneath who died 11th Oct 1843 Aged 73 years.


In memory of James 11th Baronet of Colquhoun and Luss, born February 7th 1804, John Boyd born April 23rd 1829, James Spottiswood born March 1st 1832, Angus Macdonald born June 15th 1839, Thomas Anderson born June 25th 1856 who were all drowned together in Loch Lomond on December 18th 1873. When thou passest through the waters, I will be with thee, and through the rivers they shall not overflow thee. Isaiah XIII

Historic Note: On 18 December 1873, with three of his gamekeepers and a stable boy, Sir James sailed to the island of Inch Lonaig to hunt red deer with the intent of providing Christmas fare for his tenants and friends. On his return a sudden storm swamped the heavily loaded boat and all on board perished. They drowned in Loch Lomond within earshot of Rossdhu, the home of the Chiefs of Clan Colquhoun. Sadly, the cries for help were believed to be joyous boating cheers.




This posts reflects various types of tragedy.

Evergreen Cemetery, Milton, Ontario, Canada.
Poor Betty was killed on her way home from school by a car.
A little flower of love
That blossomed but to die
Transplanted now above
To bloom with God on high.

Cypress Lawn Memorial Park, Colma, California, USA
Created in 1892 this non denominational cemetery stretches for acres. A stone monument is dedicated to the lives lost in the San Francisco earthquake of 1906.
CA_Cypress Lawn_earthquake (2)

CA_Cypress Lawn_earthquake

CA_Cypress Lawn_earthquake data

Anchor Green at the Harbour, North Berwick, East Lothian, Scotland
A red granite Celtic Cross with the inscription: Erected in memory of Catherine Watson of Glasgow, aged 19, who drowned in the East Bay, 27th July 1889 while rescuing a drowning boy. The child was saved, the brave girl taken.’
NBerwick cross

N Berwick_celtic cross
Gone is the face we loved so dear
Silent the voice we loved to hear
Memory is a golden chain
That binds us till we meet again.

Montparnasse Cemetery, Paris, France
The Dikerman family were exterminated in Auschwitz-Birkenau in 1942 .
And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes for the former things are passed away.

Garden City Skyway Bridge Memorial
This monument is in Merrit Park beside the Welland Canal under the Burgoyne Bridge in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. It is dedicated to the memory of Conrad Stenzel, Douglas Shand, David McKinley and Gordon Thomas who were killed during a workplace accident whilst working on the Skyway bridge. The four painters fell to their death on June 8, 1993 when the scaffolding upon which they were working collapsed.
The busy world is hushed
The fever of life over and our work done.