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The crests and coat of arms that are found in cemeteries were originally flags or emblems for families in the higher social classes of Europe. They were a symbol of status and lineage. Many other crests or shields have a connection to the military or fraternities such as Woodmen of the World already blogged.

Dalkeith_St Nicholas_medallion

CASTLE or TURRET Facta Non Verba means ‘Actions Speak Louder Than Words’.


The motto of the MONCRIEFFE family is Sur esperance which means ‘In Hope’. Spes Durat Avorum means ‘Let The Hopes Of Our Forefathers Endure’.

clan Moncrieffe

The motto of the family MUNROE is Dread God. The crest contains an eagle perching within a buckled belt.

Creative Commons License, Joe Mabel. Source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Evergreen_Washelli_-_Clan_Munro_crest_on_gravestone.jpg

The crest of the MACNAB family is comprised of a thistle wrapped in a belt with the clan motto, Timor Omnis Abesto which means ‘Let Fear Be Far From All’.

Aux More Majorum is a Latin phrase used by Legionnaires, it is translated as ‘In The Manner Of Our Elders’.


The Waldensian movement is a Protestant church in Italy. The symbol is a lighted candle flanked by 3 stars and a crown in the centre. The motto Lux lucet in tenebris translates as ‘The Light That Shines In The Darkness’.