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Dart of Death

The arrow is a recognized symbol of mortality. Arrows may also represent a military profession or hunting.

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In the following instances, the arrow appears with a symbol of three linked rings (the chains that bind the Fraternity of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows) The letters FLT stand for Friendship, Love and Truth.

This first image displays the hand of God piercing the skull with an arrow.

The gravestone shown below is engraved on both sides. The front identifies the deceased members of the Boney Family. The back contains verses from the bible and an effigy with a downward pointing arrow.

Used with permission of Rod Duncan. Source: http://herelieth.blogspot.com/2012/08/thomas-bony-newtown-linford.html#comment-form

As I Am So Shallt Thou Bee / Prepare Thy Self To Follow Mee / Blessed Are The Dead Wich Die In The / Lord That They Mae Rest From Their / Labers And Their Works Follow Them
This verse is closely related to Revelations 14 verse 13 which varies within different versions of the Bible.

Shepherd’s Crook

The Shepherd’s Staff or Crook represents God’s Spirit. It is a symbol of guidance, support and strength. In the context of gravestones, it represents the opening of the Heavens.

It is also an occupational sign representing a calling of spiritual leadership.

Three symbols on the gravestone of Reverend Robert Kirk; a thistle  representing Highland heritage. a shepherd’s crook, to represent his calling; and a dagger.

Shepherds crooks are also found on the graves of the members of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows (a fraternal organization).

A Cross with a Crook is the symbol of the Order of the White Shrine of Jerusalem. It is often accompanied by the phrase, In Hoc Signo Spes Mea: In This Sign Is My Hope. Members are comprised of Master Masons and women who are related to a Master Mason through birth, marriage, or legal adoption.