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The Mighty Oak

In pre-Christian times the oak was the tree of life worshipped by Druids. It is also considered the tree from which the crucifix was made, and therefore symbolizes the renewal of life. As a hard wood representing stability, strength, endurance and longevity it is often found on military graves and near children’s graves in pioneer cemeteries.

The most common representation of the oak tree are the leaves and fruit of the oak, the acorn. They symbolize maturity and old age.

Ye young ye fair your rosed cheek may promise you old age
But yet a few more setting suns & death may you engage.

AcornsforumgardenwebgardenwebIMG_0527Oak leaves acorns

Although the image below does not display the symbol of the oak tree or the acorn, I thought it appropriate to this post with its message of endurance and longevity. The grave is located at West Burying Ground in Litchfield,  Connecticut, U.S.A.


Here Lies The Body
Of Mrs. Mary, Wife Of
Dn John Buell Esq
She Died Nov 4th
1768 Etatis 90
Having Had 13 Children
101 Grand Children
274 Great G. Children
22 Great G. G. Children
410. Total

336 Survived Her

*etatis is a Latin word meaning age