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Floral Tributes

There are always bouquet of flowers in a cemetery. Even in the dead of winter with snow on the ground, flowers are visible etched into gravestones.

The Carnation (botanical name Dianthus is a derivation of two Latin words meaning flower of the Gods) is a traditional funeral flower in France and symbolizes love and death.


The Daffodil symbolizes deep regard; the death of youth; and grace

The Daisy is usually found on the graves of young children. It represents gentleness; innocence; and purity of thought


The Passion Flower symbolizes Christ’s passion represented in the lacy crown and the crown of thorns; the five stamens are the five wounds; and the 10 petals represent the 10 faithful Apostles

The Poppy symbolizes eternal sleep, death; peace; and rest


The Sunflower is devotion to God.


Tulips represent charity


A flower with a broken or severed stem indicates that the deceased died an untimely or premature death and is usually seen on a younger person’s gravestone.



The Patonce Crosses

The Patonce cross refers to any cross which has expanded ends and as such includes the Patee cross, the Fleury or Gothic cross, and the Botonee cross.


The Botonee cross has at each end a trefoil (three rounded lobes) which represent faith, wisdom and charity. In Christianity the three petals represent the Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit with a total of 12 petals symbolizing the 12 apostles.

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Sweet spirit dear a sad farewell
For we shall meet again
The place where happy souls do dwell
Is free from toil and pain. – 1832

This cross is decorated with Christ on the cross, six pointed stars at each end and on the base, a crescent moon.



Botonee poppy

A poppy grows at the base of the above image representing Eternal sleep, Peace and Rest.

And he asked who gathered this flower
And the gardener answered the Master
And his fellow servant held his peace.

The ends of a Gothic cross, also known as a Fleury cross, are more open and flare out. It represents the adult Christian and is occasionally found with flowers at the end e.g. Fleur de Lys.

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Unto Thy faithful, O Lord
Life is changed not taken away
They die in Jesus and are blest
How kind their slumbers are
From sufferings and from sins released
And freed from every snare. – 1801

The Patee cross is not indented to form lobes but is incorporated into the Patonce family because its arms narrow towards the center. This cross is often embroidered on altar and pulpit hangings.

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Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord
But again I hope to meet him
When the day of life is fled
And in Heaven with joy to greet him
Where no farewell tears are shed

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