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Jalan Kubor Cemetery

This graveyard located in Singapore is comprised of three separate burial grounds collectively known as Jalan Kubor Cemetery. Within the cemetery there are tombs, stone and wooden gravestones. Many graves are topped with coloured cloth – yellow denotes Royalty and green represents Islam.

The burial ground known as the Tombs of Malayan Princes on Victoria Street was reserved for the royal household of Sultan Hussein. There are many raised tombs denoting royal graves. It was also known as the Sultan’s Burial Ground although he is buried in Malacca, and in fact, anyone could be buried there which resulted in it being packed with graves.

The Malay Burial Ground also located on Victoria Street near the Rochor Canal is commonly known as Syed Omar’s burial ground.

The Indian Muslim Burial Ground surrounded by a wall is located at the junction of Victoria Street and Jalan Sultan. This plot of land was originally donated to the Indian Muslims residing in Kampong Glam for use as a burial ground. However, it became popular with Bugis and Banjar merchants. Inscriptions on stones are in Bugis script, Arabic, Chinese, English, Jawi and early forms of Malay.