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Flowers In Remembrance

Flower buds signify a renewal of life and many types of flowers are engraved on headstones. The symbolism behind the Carnation, Daffodil, Daisy, Passion Flower, Poppy, Sunflower and Tulip has been researched in a previous post.

The less commonly used flowers are identified below.

  • Acacia represents the immortality of the soul
  • Acanthus is one of the most common cemetery motifs associated with the Heavenly garden.
  • A Bellflower is symbolic of gratitude
  • A Buttercup represents cheerfulness
  • The Cinquefoil is symbolic of a beloved daughter or maternal affection
  • The Crocus represents youthful gladness
  • The flower, Forget-Me-Not,  represents remembrance
  • The  Honeysuckle is symbolic of devoted affection and generosity
  • The  Lalla is indicative of beauty and marriage
  • The Lotus represents perfect beauty; purity; resurrection and spiritual revelation.
  • A Pansy symbolizes humility; meditation; remembrance
  • The Violet is a symbol of humility.

And lastly, a flower that seems to cover every aspect of life, the Morning Glory: birth; the brevity of life; departure; farewell; love; mortality; mourning; resurrection and youth. It is also a symbol of beauty.

Like budding Rose or flower of May
Grown up, cut down & wither’d in a day
Early she left this Stage in morning dress
Her hands were clasped upon her breast.

We kissed her loving brow
And in our aching hearts we know
We have no violet now.   1909