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Canadians Remembered

At any point in time, the current generation is forever indebted to the men and women who gave their lives in the fight for freedom. This post honours a few of the Canadians who At The Going Down Of The Sun, And In The Morning, Will Not Be Forgotten.

Here Sleeps A Soldier, Here A Brave Man Rests.

Royal Canadian Artillery

This gravestone with four engraved panels is in remembrance of Gunner Moore, a soldier with the Royal Canadian Artillery. (The rank of Gunner is equivalent to a Private)

One panel is engraved with the crown used in the R.C.A. crest and the letters RCA in cursive font.
Acton Dublin_Gunner

A second panel contains an inscribed cannon (also part of the R.C.A. crest) with the inscription, Our Soldier Hero.
Acton Dublin_soldier








The third panel shows the regiment he served in and his rank.
Lorne Rifles / 20 / Canada
Halton / Color-Serg’t/ Moore

The last panel offers an inscribed dedication.

This Monument Was Erected / By The Citizens Of Acton / And Other Friends / In Memory Of / Gunner W. J. Moore / Of D. Battery R.C.A. / Late Col. Serg’t Co. No. 6 / Lorne Rifles Halton Reg’t / Who Died At / No. 2 Military Hospital / Pretoria, South Africa / While In Active Service / Nov 9 1900, / Aged 35 Years (LRHG is a reserve infantry regiment of the Canadian army.)

Royal Flying Corps

Captain Charles M. Garbert M.C. / 20 Batt. C.E.F. Attached R.F.C. / Born July 15 1894 Killed In Action Feb 1 1917.

M.C. is the abbreviation for Military Cross which can be awarded to Commissioned Officers of the rank of Captain, or Warrant Officers, for distinguished and meritorious services in battle. Anagrams – CEF is Canadian Expeditionary Forces and RFC is Royal Flying Corps.

Royal Canadian Airforce

Royal Canadian Airforce motto is Per Ardua Ad Astra meaning Through Adversity To The Stars
st pauls for erie_DSCN3610
Although the symbol on the left of this stone would appear to be Islamic, it is in fact the logo of the Shriner Organization previously known as the Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine. It is an arm of the Masonic Brotherhood.

Royal Canadian Legion

The Royal Canadian Legion crest contains the motto Memoriam Eorum Retinebimus meaning We Will Remember Them.

Royal Montreal Regiment

The crest of the Royal Montreal Regiment is inscribed on this stone. The motto Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense means Shame on him who thinks ill of it.
Milton_Evergreen_Mtl Regiment

Canadian Machine Gun Corps

This gravestone is engraved and decorated with a medallion inscribed with the words; He Died For Freedom And Honour, and the deceased’s name, James Donald Clark. (Medallions of this type were issued to the next-of-kin of all British and Empire service personnel who were killed as a result of the First World War. The bronze plaques were popularly known as the “Dead Man’s Penny”, because of the similarity in appearance to the British penny coin.)
A dedication to his memory is engraved; Pte. James D. Clark / 2nd Canadian M.C.C. / Killed In Action Chambray / France Oct 1 1918 / In His 20th Year / Interred Sains-Les-Marquion / British Cemetery / Plot 2 Row B Graves. (MCC: Military Cross Canada)

War of 1812

The grave of Colonel James Kerby who served with the 2nd Lincoln Militia, and died June 20th, 1854 is located in St. Paul’s Anglican Churchyard, Fort Erie, Canada. A special plaque commemorates a veteran of the War of 1812. The Niagara 1812 Legacy Council unveiled the marker, the first of its kind, to honour his service. The ceremony marked by cannon and musket fire took place on Sept. 15th, 2013.

(The War of 1812 was a military conflict that lasted from June 18, 1812 to February 18, 1815, fought between the United States of America and the United Kingdom, its North American colonies, and its Native American allies.)
St Pauls fort erie_War of 1812 veteran

Sacred / To The Memory Of / Col. The Hon. James Kerby / Who Departed This Life / June 20, 1854 / Aged 69 Yrs

He Was A Faithful Subject Of The Crown / And For His Gallantry During The War / Of 1812, Received The Thanks Of His / Country And Was Presented With A Valuable / Sword By The Legislative Assembly / Of Upper Canada. In Private Life He Was / Esteemed For His Amiable Qualities His / Generous And Benevolent Disposition And / For His Exemplary Character As A Parent A / Friend And A Christian.