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Miller Mausoleum

Located on Christie Miller Avenue in the Craigentinny area of Edinburgh, Scotland, it is surrounded, by bungalows built in the 1930s.

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William Henry Miller 1789 -1848 inherited Craigentinny House and Estate from his father, and although he spent a great deal of his life in England as an M.P. for Newcastle- under-Lyne he left instructions that he should not be buried in a church yard rather in the open fields at Craigentinny. His last will and testament directed that he should be buried at the bottom of a 40ft stone lined shaft beneath a giant monument commemorating the arts, and that on top of his coffin should be placed a heavy stone slab.

The Mausoleum was completed in 1856 by 80 labourers in a field to the north of Edinburgh between Piershill and Portobello. The tomb, designed by David Rhind, was an adaptation of the Temple of Vesta in Rome. The site was consecrated by the Bishop of Edinburgh on 13 September 1860.

Several years later, a relative named Samuel Christie Miller commissioned Alfred Gatley to create finely sculpted 12ft x 6ft bas relief panels. Created in the style of the Elgin Marbles in British Museum, London (hence the nickname of the Mausoleum as the Craigentinny Marbles) they depicted two biblical scenes. The foreboding imagery of the ‘Overthrow of Pharaoh in the Red Sea’ on the north, and the jubilation of ‘The Song of Moses and Miriam’ in the south elevation are in strong contrast to each other. They were completed and attached to the sides of the monument in 1866.

A commemorative granite plaque is located on the north perimeter wall:
This Monument Was Erected To The Memory Of / William Henry Miller / And His Parents / William Miller And Martha Rawson Or Miller / Here Are Interred. / Martha Miller Died 11th January 1827 / William Henry Miller / M.P. For Newcastle-Under-Lyme / Born 13th February 1789. Died 31st October 1848 / Sarah Marsh / Born 20th April 1792 Died 8th August 1860 / Ellen Marsh / Born 29th August 1801. Died 4th November 1861 / All Of Craigentinny And Britwell, / Buckinghamshire
The Site Was Consecrated On 13th September 1860 / The Sculptures Were Added In 1866
Architect / David Rhind / Edinburgh
Sculptor / Alfred Gatley / Rome

The William Henry Miller Mausoleum/Craigentinny Marbles was listed a category A historic building on 14 December 1970.